If you’ve ever tried selling a house before, you’ve probably noticed that every buyer seems to have their own criteria for what kinds of homes they’re willing to buy. Some are willing to buy total fixer-uppers in rough areas, while others only want homes that are in practically perfect condition. But what about cash buying companies? What kinds of homes do they purchase?

Problematic Rental Properties

Renting your property is supposed to be a good investment. People tend to gloss over all the work that goes into being a good landlord though. It’s a lot, even if you have good tenants. If you have problem tenants or a property that seems to always need repairs or maintenance, it can become unbearable. Don’t suffer under the weight of a problematic rental property. Sell it to Bluebird Buyers and get your life back.

Damaged Properties

Damaged homes can be tough to sell on the market. They can be even more difficult to sell for a fair price. Sure, you should expect to see lower offers if your house has significant damage. Its value is directly tied to its condition, after all. Still, it’s far too easy to get stuck with lowball offers for damaged properties. Skip all of that trouble and sell to Bluebird Buyers instead. We’re committed to fair offers and have no issues with purchasing damaged properties.

Inherited Properties

Inheriting a house may seem amazing from the outside, but it can be a major problem if you aren’t prepared to take responsibility for it. Inherited properties may come with many maintenance needs or a lot of repair work that is just too much to take on. If you already own a house, paying for a second one could be a financial nightmare. Unless the house is affordable for you and you intend to live in it, the best thing to do may be to sell it to Bluebird Buyers. Liquidate that asset so you have cash that you can put to good use instead of a property that ends up being a money sinkhole for you.

Compared to other buyers, cash buying companies like Bluebird Buyers tend to have a much broader range regarding the kinds of properties they’re willing to make offers on. That makes them an ideal buyer for many sellers, especially those who want to sell their properties quickly and with minimal hassle. Don’t worry about what kind of home you have. We’re more than happy to hear from you!

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