Customer Testimonials

Maggie – Omaha, NE

“My experience with Bluebird Buyers was great. My mom passed last year and my dad was pretty much left with a home that needed much repair to bring up to market value. I had received numerous calls and letters from independent investors expressing interest in the home, but I just never felt comfortable dealing with them, especially after reading some blogs about bad experiences with investors. After giving Bluebird Buyers a call and answering a few questions, a representative was out the very next day and offered me a fair price for the property. He even asked when did I want to close, no pressure at all. I was also able only take what I needed from the home. That was a big help. I would highly recommend Bluebird Buyers.”

Tucker and Andrea – Bellevue, NE

“I knew several years ago that when the time came to sell our father’s home it would have an “as is” sale. Managing our mother’s money in order to keep her safe in an assisted living home was far more important than spending her funds to fix up her house in order to sell it for top dollar for our benefit to inherit. I interviewed a couple of real estate people and they were only interested in selling the house to an investor with them being the middleman. The Bluebird Buyers rep who came to see the house offered a much higher price than what either of the other agents said that the house was worth. They communicated through emails and phone calls exactly what was needed from us to keep moving forward on the sale. They were very patient and understood the emotional attachment that we had to our childhood home and they allowed us to set our own time line for every step of the process. They asked us when would we like to close on the property. We set the date for closing to be about 6 weeks from the time that we signed the papers to have them buy the house. Every aspect of selling the house easy and stress free. I would definitely recommend Bluebird Buyers to anyone who has a home to sell that is not “turn key ready” yet wants the best price!”

Brad – Omaha, NE

“My experience with Bluebird Buyers was fantastic. Everyone that I worked with was friendly and helpful. My father passed away right in the middle of the process and they were more than accommodating with changes and postponing my closing. I was in a very unique situation with regards to my property. The process of selling to Bluebird Buyers suited my needs on every level. I would highly recommend them.”

Miguel – Omaha, NE

“I had currently moved to New York due to a work related transfer, and had to sell my old home in Omaha, but didn’t have the funds to have the repairs done before selling. And I had a limited time get my old home sold. I had previously tried talking with other investors, until a friend of mine recommended Bluebird Buyers. Not only was Bluebird Buyers able to meet my need of selling my home as-is at a fair price, they were even able to make the process really quick, quicker than I had expected, which was really a plus point since I had to move out and transfer to New York asap.”

Patricia – Elkhorn, NE

“I just got married last year, and since me and my husband opted to move in to his place, I had to sell my old home which I actually inherited from my parents. And you know how juggling two homes cost, so we had to find a homebuyer who was willing to buy our home as-is and make the sale quick and easy. Bluebird Buyers was the perfect match to all our needs!”

Ray And Rosemary – Papillion, NE

“As we reached retirement, we discovered that we would not be able to repair and maintain our old house. My husband’s increasing disability required that we seek a more accommodating house. We called Bluebird Buyers to sell our house. It was one of the best decisions that we made. Everyone was helpful, flexible and professional and worked to make the process as easy as possible. A representative came out and checked the house and we were offered a fair price on the spot. And they agreed to finish cleaning out the house for us! That was a tremendous help. Since my husband’s disability made the move extremely difficult, Bluebird Buyers arranged for us to do the paperwork and close from our new home, keeping us informed every step of the way. I recommend Bluebird Buyers to everyone! They sure go the extra mile (or two) to make selling a home as quick and easy as possible.”

Clark Brothers – Bennington, NE

“My brothers and I had decided to place our mom in a retirement home, and since we were all living out of town, and no one to stay at our mom’s house, we had no choice but to sell it. Once we had posted it as for sale, a bunch of investors came to talk to us. So I did my research about these investors and Bluebird Buyers came highly recommended. So we gave it a shot. I called back their representative and we worked out the process. Bluebird Buyers was guiding us every step of the way. It was like we hardly broke a sweat in the entire process. We want to thank Bluebird Buyers for making the entire process flawless.”

Yolanda – Lincoln, NE

“I have gone through a divorce and we wanted a quick way to dissolve the property and I wanted to move to a smaller place. My overall experience with Bluebird Buyers was great and amazed that they can do it in 7 days and no headaches.”

Kyrie and Julie – Lincoln, NE

“We didn’t want to go through all the hassle of trying to upgrade our home not knowing how it would really sell. We didn’t want to go through the Realtor experience, we wanted to sell the home as is and be able to choose our closing date. Bluebird Buyers suited our needs.”

Jared – Omaha, NE

“I was in a difficult position. I didnt really know what to do. The team from Bluebird Buyers held my hand through the whole entire process and anything they said they needed to do or was going to do, they did it. I would HIGHLY recommend them.”

Patti – Bennington, NE

“Since I wasnt getting any younger, my daughter decided that I move in with her and her family in Canada. But I didnt know were to get the funds to repair my home. Then my son in law told me to go online and read some reviews on how to sell my property as is. While I was searching, Bluebird Buyers came across. I saw their reviews, so I said I’m going with it. Being able to close in a short time with minimal hassles, that was the deciding factor! I have never regretted my decision to go with them. Choose Bluebird Buyers, you’re doing yourself a huge favor!”

Sylvia – Gretna, NE

“I had previously talked to a different investor. But we had not gotten to any agreement. Then, I learned about Bluebird Buyers, and with them, I felt safe dealing with them. There’s a truly calming effect to have folks that you’re dealing with that you feel they’re very knowledgeable, very honest and seemed like they care about you and not just the investment. I felt that they are a trustworthy and reliable company. I felt very comfortable selling my home to Bluebird Buyers.”